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Podcast: James O'Keefe and Project Veritas

In this episode, co-host Baynard Woods talks with Chris Faraone about the horrible history of James O'Keefe and his right-wing...
Flagpole Magazine  |  12-04-2017  |  In the Loop

Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O'Toole Is Stepping Down

So O'Toole IS going to Ireland for good... or not? by Sydney Brownstone She'll be leaving on December 31.
The Stranger  |  12-04-2017  |  Slog

Things to Do This Week: December 4-7

by Mercury Staff It's only the first week of December and already gifts are getting dropped on Portland's doorstep: The...
The Portland Mercury  |  12-04-2017  |  Blog Town, PDX

Sunk Costs

Back-to-back record flooding along the Brazos River has forced people in Richmond to make an excruciating choice: Stay or go?...
The Texas Observer  |  12-04-2017  |  La Linea

Project Falsitas

Even as The Washington Post reminds us how shady Project Veritas is, the federal government introduces one of its infamous...
Isthmus  |  12-04-2017  |  Isthmus' The Daily Page

Tell All: I fear a sexual harassment accusation

I’ve been watching the recent round of sexual assault accusations and wondering if I’ll suffer the same fate — even...
Isthmus  |  12-04-2017  |  Isthmus' The Daily Page

Actual Plea

by Anonymous Ok. Here is a real thing. If you are driving and stop for a pedestrian or to a...
The Portland Mercury  |  12-03-2017  |  Blog Town, PDX

The Baby Boom is the Problem

by Anonymous When you read poll results on any particular issue, ask yourself what the results might be if they...
The Portland Mercury  |  12-03-2017  |  Blog Town, PDX

You Blew It

by Anonymous Exactly no housing issues will be solved in this town until the network of people connected to the...
The Portland Mercury  |  12-03-2017  |  Blog Town, PDX

Blazers Recap: The Pelicans Hand Out a Beating

by Arthur Bradford The Blazers were expected to win this one, but that's not how it went down. New Orleans...
The Portland Mercury  |  12-03-2017  |  Blog Town, PDX

I Should Have Just Stood There

by Anonymous One night me and a friend was hungry so we decided to go shop, as we walking outside...
The Portland Mercury  |  12-03-2017  |  Blog Town, PDX

Redneck Racist

by Anonymous Dear Redneck Racist, I was lucky enough to encounter you in the Fred Meyer parking lot on NE...
The Portland Mercury  |  12-03-2017  |  Blog Town, PDX

Road block

Terrence Wall rages against Madison traffic engineering department test on East Mifflin Street, possibly fueling a letter-writing campaign against the...
Isthmus  |  12-03-2017  |  Isthmus' The Daily Page

Turn right on red.

by Anonymous When you're able, please. [ Comment on this story ] [ Subscribe to the comments on this story...
The Portland Mercury  |  12-02-2017  |  Blog Town, PDX


by Anonymous It was me.If you're wondering how all that glitter got in your pockets, I did it. Yeah. That's...
The Portland Mercury  |  12-02-2017  |  Blog Town, PDX

Senate Passes Tax Bill

by Dan Savage Washington Post: Senate Republicans passed a $1.5 trillion tax bill early Saturday morning that bestows massive benefits...
The Stranger  |  12-02-2017  |  Slog

Chatting with a childhood hero, Lou Ferrigno

Since there was no CGI back then, the producers turned to a real-live human being to play the Hulk. That human being was none other than Lou Ferrigno, a former Mr. Universe winner. Needless to say, when kids thought of the show, it wasn't the trickling piano or Dr. Banner's love for thumbing rides, but the moments when the green guy would tear da club up.
Charleston City Paper  |  Kevin Young  |  05-04-2012  |  Profiles & Interviews

Seoul Survivor: Busted for Dope in South Korea

Teaching English as a second language in South Korea was a good gig for this recent college graduate and world traveler until he smoked hashish with the wrong people and found himself cought up in that country's draconian drug enforcement.
Isthmus  |  Jason Storbakken  |  01-28-2005  |  Crime & Justice

Under the Radar

Air travel is back to pre-9/11 levels, but air-traffic controllers say their salaries and numbers are crashing.
Salt Lake City Weekly  |  Jonah Owen Lamb  |  08-30-2007  |  Transportation