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Savage Love Letter of the Day: My Boyfriend Is Everything To His Ailing Mom

by Dan Savage I need your help on how to best handle a situation I’m in (or witnessing) with my...
The Stranger  |  04-09-2018  |  Slog

Judge: No Conflict of Interest Between King County Prosecutors and Anti-Prostitution Group

Judge John Chun didn't address whether the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office did the right thing by cracking down on...
The Stranger  |  04-09-2018  |  Slog

Thomas Frank Makes a Terrifying Case for the Likelihood of Trump's Second Term

by Sean Nelson How many more years? Nate Gowdy The few people who noticed and mentioned that Donald Trump had...
The Stranger  |  04-09-2018  |  Slog

$2.75 or $25 Per Hour? How Much Are Uber Drivers Really Making?

Seattle wants the companies to hand over the data. by Heidi Groover Some drivers describe making $3 or $4 an...
The Stranger  |  04-09-2018  |  Slog

If Trump Really Wanted to Help Syria, He Would Lift Caps on Refugees

The President is considering military intervention after chemical attacks in Syria. by Katie Herzog Trump speaks with media before a...
The Stranger  |  04-09-2018  |  Slog

Spun Out: 5 Essential Cuts Selected by Local DJ AC Lewis

Versatile veteran DJ of the Stop Biting and Loving Touch nights, AC Lewis presents his current top 5 tracks for...
The Stranger  |  04-09-2018  |  Slog

What Should Senator Maria Cantwell Ask Mark Zuckerberg Tomorrow?

by Eli Sanders Washington Senator Maria Cantwell will be staring down at Facebook's apologetic CEO tomorrow in DC. Chip Somodevilla...
The Stranger  |  04-09-2018  |  Slog

Our Music Critics' Picks for This Week

The 36 Best Shows from April 9–15 by Stranger Things To Do Staff We've already compiled a list of the...
The Stranger  |  04-09-2018  |  Slog

Pick Up Cynthia Alfonso's Gorgeous Art Comic Book, Behind Is Late

Fresh from Seattle's own Cold Cube Press. by Rich Smith Behold the feelings monster. Cynthia Alfonso Last week I walked...
The Stranger  |  04-09-2018  |  Slog

Synthetic Cannabis Apparently Makes You Bleed and Die

by Josh Jardine Last year I wrote about the nightmarish scenarios that are sometimes found in cities without regulated cannabis...
The Portland Mercury  |  04-09-2018  |  Blog Town, PDX

In ‘God Save Texas,’ Lawrence Wright Explains the Lone Star State to Outsiders

In 1845, when the United States was hotly debating the imminent annexation of Texas and the prospect of a war...
The Texas Observer  |  04-09-2018  |  La Linea

It's Time to Pony Up for the Art Tax

by Kelly Kenoyer Danielle Chenette It's time to fork over that yearly $35 art tax... or else. The tax is...
The Portland Mercury  |  04-09-2018  |  Blog Town, PDX

Good Morning, News: Questions Arise in Homeless Shelter Police Shooting, Syria Chemical Attack, and Fire in Trump Tower

by Wm.™ Steven Humphrey Stay up to date on Portland news and politics. Looking for fun? Here are the best...
The Portland Mercury  |  04-09-2018  |  Blog Town, PDX

Seven Minutes From Hell: Timbers Collapse in Orlando

by Abe Asher Orlando City SC In the 80th minute on Sunday afternoon, on the very final leg of their...
The Portland Mercury  |  04-09-2018  |  Blog Town, PDX

King County Democrats Chair Resigns After Internal Trial on Harassment Allegations

A former employee accused Bailey Stober of harassment and bullying. by Heidi Groover Bailey Stober, left, has resigned as chair...
The Stranger  |  04-09-2018  |  Slog

The 28 Best Things to Do in Portland This Week: April 9-12

Cecile Richards Makes Trouble, Jaden Smith Gets Iconic, and the Breeders Are Back! by Mercury Things to Do Staff This...
The Portland Mercury  |  04-09-2018  |  Blog Town, PDX

Slog AM: Protests Stall Trans-Canada Pipeline, Puyallup Tribe Continues Fight Against Fossil-Fuels, Everyone Has Your Data

ALSO: missile strikes and chemical warfare, Trump Tower isn't fire-safe, Sinclair is scary by Nathalie Graham Back in December, three...
The Stranger  |  04-09-2018  |  Slog

Triumphant achievement

Isthmus classical music critic John W. Barker has seen productions of “Dido and Aeneas” in major opera houses. But his...
Isthmus  |  04-09-2018  |  Isthmus' The Daily Page

Second chance for a first glance

Film critic Craig Johnson reports from the first weekend of the Wisconsin Film Festival. He loves the new trailers, which...
Isthmus  |  04-09-2018  |  Isthmus' The Daily Page

Texas Newspaper Readers Unite!

In March, the Austin American-Statesman announced that it was being sold by its corporate parent, Cox Media Group, to an...
The Texas Observer  |  04-09-2018  |  La Linea

Tell All: My father is a phony

Outwardly my father is charming. But beneath the affable exterior, he’s a heartless creep who was never there for us...
Isthmus  |  04-09-2018  |  Isthmus' The Daily Page

Man Shot in SE Homeless Shelter Was 'Looking For Help,' Witnesses Say

by Alex Zielinski Alex Zielinski Police accountability advocates gathered on the corner of SE Grand and Washington this afternoon to...
The Portland Mercury  |  04-08-2018  |  Blog Town, PDX

Maybe Putinland?

by Anonymous I'm really surprised all you commie bastards of Portland aren't gooing yourselves silly with Putin as your leader...
The Portland Mercury  |  04-08-2018  |  Blog Town, PDX

Police Fatally Shoot Man in SE Homeless Shelter

by Alex Zielinski Jaromir Chalabala / EyeEm / Getty Images UPDATE 2:10 pm : Portland Police say they'll release the...
The Portland Mercury  |  04-08-2018  |  Blog Town, PDX

Join the Bourgeoisie Collective

by Anonymous Mr Tech Savy guy at the SE cafe Sat morning who had 4 or 5 different electronic devices...
The Portland Mercury  |  04-08-2018  |  Blog Town, PDX

Freddie Mercury's swagger remains powerful 20 years after his passing

In her well researched, carefully crafted book Mercury: An Intimate Biography of Freddie Mercury, British music journalist and author Lesley-Ann Jones shines light on some of the more private moments of late rock singer Freddie Mercury's life.
Charleston City Paper  |  T. Ballard Lesemann  |  08-02-2012  |  Profiles & Interviews

'Lakeview Terrace' Takes Liberties with One Couple's True Story

It seems Neil LaBute's Lakeview Terrace is an artistic rendition of the real-life story of John and Mellaine Hamilton, an interracial Altadena couple that has been locked in a number of bitter disputes with next-door neighbor Irsie Henry, an African-American former LAPD officer who has ended up in court over his disagreements with the Hamiltons.
Pasadena Weekly  |  Carl Kozlowski  |  09-23-2008  |  Movies

Cracking! An Interview With the Creator of 'Wallace and Gromit'

Delightfully detailed and lovingly crafted, The Curse of the Were-Rabbit represents five years of work by Nick Park and the Aardman animators.
Artvoice  |  M. Faust  |  10-07-2005  |  Profiles & Interviews