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Slog PM: What to Do With the Soda Tax Surplus, Fuck the Fog, Kshama Sawant Fights Gentrification

Proud Boys arrested, Michael Avenatti evicted, a ferry shortage by Nathalie Graham So this is what it feels like inside...
The Stranger  |  10-22-2018  |  Slog

Bipartisan Group of Legislators Ask LCB to Keep Pot Candy Legal

A bipartisan group of state legislators is calling on the state to rescind its planned pot candy ban. by Lester...
The Stranger  |  10-22-2018  |  Slog

The Seattle Times Doesn't Care About Poor People

They're using poor people as a human shield to protect oil company profits. by Lester Black The Seattle Times uses...
The Stranger  |  10-22-2018  |  Slog

Rafiki Wins Top Awards at Seattle's TWIST Film Festival

Other winners include When the Beat Drops and Tucked. by Chase Burns The Kenyan lesbian film, Rafiki, took home both...
The Stranger  |  10-22-2018  |  Slog

What the Idea to Solving Homelessness by Buying Old Cruise Ships Tells Us

by Charles Mudede Rawpixel/gettyimages.comHere is something that, in every way, appears to perfectly capture the essence of a mode of...
The Stranger  |  10-22-2018  |  Slog

Weekday Trumpdate: Hating on Migrants, Loving on Cruz, Lying About Saudi Arabia

by Eli Sanders Fifteen days until the midterms. Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images• Does Donald Trump actually have a well-honed...
The Stranger  |  10-22-2018  |  Slog

My Father Has Two Mistresses

Savage Love Letter of the Day by Dan Savage Sorry about the lengthy email, but it's a soap opera of...
The Stranger  |  10-22-2018  |  Slog

16 Places to Eat Figs in Seattle Right Now

All the places of eat figs in Seattle for National Fig Week. by Stranger Things To Do Staff The first...
The Stranger  |  10-22-2018  |  Slog

KEXP DJ Miss Ashley Brings Vibrant Latin and Caribbean Flavors to Her Sets

Hear the top 5 tracks by DJ Miss Ashley, who predominantly champions women musicians on KEXP's Monday graveyard slot, as...
The Stranger  |  10-22-2018  |  Slog

Andrew Schneider's YOUARENOWHERE Flipped My Goddamned Wig

More artists should thinking about quantum mechanics! by Rich Smith This show will take your face off of your face...
The Stranger  |  10-22-2018  |  Slog

The Stranger Crashes a Mosh Party in Wedgwood

It's the return of our party crashin' column! by Chase Burns The birthday boy is on the floor. Photo by...
The Stranger  |  10-22-2018  |  Slog

It's Time to Submit Your Events For The Winter Edition of Seattle Art and Performance

by Stranger Things To Do Staff The submission deadline is this Wednesday, October 24.It's not yet Halloween, but it's officially...
The Stranger  |  10-22-2018  |  Slog

The 84 Best Things To Do in Seattle This Week: Oct 22-28, 2018

The Stranger's arts critics recommend the best local events. by Stranger Things To Do Staff Our music critics have already...
The Stranger  |  10-22-2018  |  Slog

Largely Unnoticed, Facebook Has Made a Significant Change to Its Archive of Political Ads

The change came shortly after Seattle threatened charges against the company. by Eli Sanders The change was officially made one...
The Stranger  |  10-22-2018  |  Slog

It Just Got Harder for the Showbox's Owner to Win His Lawsuit Against the City

A legal professor says the first hearing in the city's legal fight over protecting the Showbox was a major win...
The Stranger  |  10-22-2018  |  Slog

Dungeons & Dragons Art & Arcana: A Visual History Offers a Fun, Weird Glimpse Into the Fun, Weird History of D&D

by Erik Henriksen From Dungeons & Dragons: Art & Arcana, art by Michael Komarck"I grew up in the 1980s, and...
The Stranger  |  10-22-2018  |  Slog

The 37 Best Music Shows in Seattle This Week: Oct 22-28, 2018

The Stranger music critics' picks for the week. by Stranger Things To Do Staff This week, our music critics have...
The Stranger  |  10-22-2018  |  Slog

The Witchcraft, Devilry, and Fun, Feminist Fury in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

by Wm.™ Steven Humphrey Diyah Pera/NetflixThere’s something to be said for consorting with the devil. The perks include nearly unlimited...
The Stranger  |  10-22-2018  |  Slog

Former Owner of Cannabis Testing Lab Files Suit Over Outing of Alleged Neo-Nazi Ties

by Josh Jardine THOM_MORRIS / GETTY IMAGESThis story was originally reported by our sister paper, The Portland Mercury. In the...
The Stranger  |  10-22-2018  |  Slog

A New Collection Contains Every A-Side and B-Side Stax Records Released in 1968

by Ned Lannamann A new compilation came out today, collecting all of Stax Records’ singles from the year 1968, and...
The Stranger  |  10-22-2018  |  Slog

Slog AM: The Seattle Times Further Protects Their Bottom Line, Hot Same-Sex Penguin Incubation

by Michael Bell This is the future the Seattle Times wants. Drbouz/Getty ImagesSeattle Times, what is your major malfunction? First...
The Stranger  |  10-22-2018  |  Slog

Slog PM: Judge Throws Out NRA's Lawsuit Against Seattle, Amazon May Announce HQ2 Soon, the Seattle Times Endorsed Donald Trump

Buy a lottery ticket, piss-thirsty goats are airborne, the Sagrada Familia didn't have a permit for 130 years by Nathalie...
The Stranger  |  10-19-2018  |  Slog

The Seattle Times Endorses Dino Rossi and I AM BOILING

Someone tell the Times to go lie down. by Rich Smith The Times gives their nod to three-time loser Dino...
The Stranger  |  10-19-2018  |  Slog

Your Seattle Weekend Cheat Sheet: Oct 19–21, 2018

Planning Your Weekend? Start Here! by Stranger Things To Do Staff Congratulations, you've made it to the weekend! All week...
The Stranger  |  10-19-2018  |  Slog

The Oath Is a Confused Comedy About America's Political Divide

by Wm.™ Steven Humphrey If there’s a more stressful comedy than Ike Barinholtz’ The Oath, I don’t want to see...
The Stranger  |  10-19-2018  |  Slog

The New York Times Doesn't Really Care About Washington's History-Making Carbon Fee

Dead on arrival? We’ve got one of these policies in the work in Washington state and it is very much...
The Stranger  |  10-19-2018  |  Slog

Kamasi Washington Fucking Killed at the Showbox

I left feeling that maybe, just maybe, I was living in a universe whose moral arc bends towards justice, despite...
The Stranger  |  10-19-2018  |  Slog

Inbox Jukebox Track of the Day: The Driving, Lysergic "Violent Light" by Rising Seattle Techno Producer Aos

Rising Seattle techno producer Aos offers a synapse-sizzling, peak-time floor-filler with "Violent Light." by Dave Segal Orchestrating subtly hallucinogenic techno...
The Stranger  |  10-19-2018  |  Slog

A Portland Burger Joint Comes To Wallingford and More Seattle Food News You Can Use: Oct 19, 2018 Edition

News and information for foodies: Oct 19 Edition. by Stranger Things To Do Staff This week, a new Grand Central...
The Stranger  |  10-19-2018  |  Slog

Stephen Hawking's Last Book Claims, “There Is No God"

by Charles Mudede His final book came out on Tuesday, and it is causing quite a stir.Fox News is calling...
The Stranger  |  10-19-2018  |  Slog

Adam Smith and Sarah Smith Spar in a Weirdly Volatile and Kinda Infuriating Candidate Forum

The two sparred over approximately 482 topics, but there were a couple of sudden, volcanic moments worth talking about. by...
The Stranger  |  10-19-2018  |  Slog

Vote No on State Initiative Measure No. 1634

by Stranger Election Control Board Big Sugar doesn't want other cities to have a soda tax. That's because it's working...
The Stranger  |  10-19-2018  |  Slog

Dude, Where's My Libido?

Savage Love Letter of the Day by Dan Savage Originally published on Mar 24, 2009.My husband and I have been...
The Stranger  |  10-19-2018  |  Slog

Police Beat Was Named as One of the "30 Best (Truly) Independent Films of the 21st Century"

Congrats, Charles! by Leilani Polk Pape Sidy Niang as the African-born Seattle bike cop in Police BeatIf you know anything...
The Stranger  |  10-19-2018  |  Slog

City Wins Small Victories in Showbox Lawsuit

The city of Seattle had a fairly good day in court on Friday in their first hearing over the lawsuit...
The Stranger  |  10-19-2018  |  Slog

21 Día de los Muertos 2018 Events in Seattle

by Stranger Things To Do Staff The ancestor-honoring party Día de los Muertos Community Night Out will include an installation...
The Stranger  |  10-19-2018  |  Slog

Our Guide to Seattle Restaurant Week

The Stranger's guide to Fall 2018 Restaurant Week. by Stranger Things To Do Staff Sunday, October 21, is the first...
The Stranger  |  10-19-2018  |  Slog

Scarecrow Video Is Celebrating 30 Years with a Righteous Online Auction

Go party with Scarecrow! by Leilani Polk Going strong for three decades and counting. Nathalie GrahamWe've written about Scarecrow Video...
The Stranger  |  10-19-2018  |  Slog

Fewer and Fewer People Seem to Know the Difference Between "Less" and "Fewer"

Are you aware of the national crisis regarding the incorrect usage of "fewer" and "less"? by Dave Segal QFC has...
The Stranger  |  10-19-2018  |  Slog

Last-Minute Plans: 108 Cheap & Easy Things To Do in Seattle This Weekend: Oct 19-21, 2018

No advance planning required for these cheap events. by Stranger Things To Do Staff Panicking because you haven't yet made...
The Stranger  |  10-19-2018  |  Slog

The Last Wet Hop

Our beer critic drinks a couple final wet hop beers before the fresh hop season ends. by Lester Black Valley...
The Stranger  |  10-19-2018  |  Slog

Slog AM: Report Finds That Washington Is Officially the Worst, and Other Morning News

by Michael Bell The truth hurts. KatarzynaBialasiewicz/Getty ImagesWorth repeating—Washington IS officially the worst: The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy...
The Stranger  |  10-19-2018  |  Slog

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