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Sunken treasure? Lake Michigan shipwrecks could buoy local economies

Wisconsin’s sunken wealth is not in gold or silver, but in shipwrecks — schooners and tugs, barges and canallers, many of them built in the 19th century and once engaged in the economic expansion of the United States.
Wisconsin Gazette  |  Lisa Neff  |  10-22-2015  |  Environment

Seoul Survivor: Busted for Dope in South Korea

Teaching English as a second language in South Korea was a good gig for this recent college graduate and world traveler until he smoked hashish with the wrong people and found himself cought up in that country's draconian drug enforcement.
Isthmus  |  Jason Storbakken  |  01-28-2005  |  Crime & Justice

Fifty Shades of Chicken Is a Sexy Chicken Cookbook

FINALLY! You and your chicken can get trussed and like it. A cookbook, due out November 13, parodies the last book you wanted to see on your mom's nightstand. With promises of rather tempting recipes for "Bacon Bound Wings," "Chicken with a Lardon" and "Mustard-Spanked Chicken," Fifty Shades of Chicken is taking cookbookdom to a whole new level.
Dallas Observer  |  Sara Blankenship  |  09-21-2012  |  Books