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Where is Anita Hill?

Fifteen years after Anita Hill's sexual harassment allegations rocked the nation, her name has all but disappeared from the University of Oklahoma campus.
Oklahoma Gazette  |  Emily Jerman  |  08-31-2006  |  Policy Issues

The Docu-Horror Picture Show: The Last Exorcism

'The Last Exorcism'can’t find the primal terror in the fake-documentary format.
Salt Lake City Weekly  |  Scott Renshaw  |  08-23-2010  |  Reviews

Seoul Survivor: Busted for Dope in South Korea

Teaching English as a second language in South Korea was a good gig for this recent college graduate and world traveler until he smoked hashish with the wrong people and found himself cought up in that country's draconian drug enforcement.
Isthmus  |  Jason Storbakken  |  01-28-2005  |  Crime & Justice