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Philanthropy is Evil

Bloomberg's billion-dollar gift to a school that doesn't need a penny illustrates the inherent absurdity of capitalism: aggregating so much wealth and power in the hands of a few individuals. It's obscene and morally reprehensible to allow a disproportional share of resources to fall under the control of the arbitrary whims of a few quirky rich dudes.
Maui Time  |  Ted Rall  |  01-29-2013  |  Policy Issues

Clearing Up Myths About the Stimulus Package

Obama critics advocate the same policies that created this disaster.
Shepherd Express  |  Louis Fortis and Lisa Kaiser  |  02-06-2009  |  Commentary

Failure to Enforce

The Alberta government fails to enforce its own laws on toxic tailings ponds and the tar sands.
VUE Weekly  |  Mimi Williams  |  09-02-2010  |  Environment