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Diana Ross and Madonna tunes named essential Pride songs by Rolling Stone

As we all know it is a Pride Month, and what would a celebration of the LGBTQ community be without...
Metro Times  |  06-12-2017  |  Blogs

Charivari Festival unveils its full lineup, moves to Riverfront Park this August

Charivari Detroit 2017 will go down over on West Riverfront Park this year, the weekend of August 4-6. This will...
Metro Times  |  06-12-2017  |  Blogs

Detroit's new bike share MoGo reports over 4,000 rides during first week

If you've seen a group of people riding similar-looking red bikes through Detroit recently then you just saw them using...
Metro Times  |  06-12-2017  |  Blogs

This Michigan town was named an underrated food city in America by Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed has spoken, and this is the list for most underrated food cities in America, and a town in Michigan...
Metro Times  |  06-12-2017  |  Blogs

'Bar Rescue' failure to relaunch as craft slider and carnival food-inspired sports bar

In November 2015, SPIKE TV's "Bar Rescue" made a visit to the then-struggling downtown Ann Arbor bar, The Arena. Unfortunately, they...
Metro Times  |  06-12-2017  |  Blogs

Here's a nifty way to try out today's modern 'board games'

Mention "board games" to most people these days, and most of them will say, "Oh, like, Monopoly? Clue?" It the...
Metro Times  |  06-12-2017  |  Blogs

Can't-miss show: 'Mary Timony plays Helium' at Marble Bar on Wednesday, June 14

Mary Timony will play the music of her 1990s band Helium, backed by members of the able band Hospitality, at Marble...
Metro Times  |  06-12-2017  |  Blogs

The latest on tomorrow’s Islamophobic protests

The nation's premier Islamophobic group, ACT for America, has organized more than two-dozen rallies at cities around the United States to take...
Metro Times  |  06-09-2017  |  Blogs

Tonight: Warren Defever's first-ever solo visual art show opens at UFO Factory

Because he is a fine multi-disciplinary type artist, and as he is a friend whose first-ever solo art show is...
Metro Times  |  06-09-2017  |  Blogs

Young Detroit man charged with murder in latest killing over stuff

It has happened again in Detroit: a young man has killed another young person for a desirable and expensive item...
Metro Times  |  06-09-2017  |  Blogs

Aretha Franklin to give final Detroit performance this weekend

The first annual Detroit Music Weekend will take place this Saturday in downtown Detroit, with free events spanning four outdoor...
Metro Times  |  06-09-2017  |  Blogs

Penalties worsen as more female genital mutilation victims are suspected

In April, two local doctors were accused of performing female genital mutilation on patients as young as 7. Dr. Jumana...
Metro Times  |  06-09-2017  |  Blogs

Dearborn man charged with helping Hezbollah's Islamic Jihad Organization

Federal officials have charged a Dearborn man with providing support to the Islamic Jihad Organization of Hezbollah, a Lebanon-based militant...
Metro Times  |  06-09-2017  |  Blogs

Enbridge to begin testing the pressure of Great Lakes pipeline this weekend

Canadian pipeline company Enbridge is gearing up to conduct a federally-required pressure test to check the integrity of its controversial...
Metro Times  |  06-09-2017  |  Blogs

The search for a missing Detroit chef continues

Family, friends, and police are continuing to search for a 39-year-old Detroit chef and Marine who disappeared last week. Douglas...
Metro Times  |  06-09-2017  |  Blogs

Spanish-language wine tasting planned for tonight in Southwest Detroit

Brut Detroit - a pop up wine tasting group - will host a Spanish language tasting tonight at Mariscos El...
Metro Times  |  06-09-2017  |  Blogs

Sweet Lorraine's original Southfield location to close after 33 years

Sweet Lorraine's owner Lorraine Platman is closing the Sweet Lorraine's Southfield location due to health issues. The restaurant opened on...
Metro Times  |  06-09-2017  |  Blogs

Exclusive Idiot Kids track, in celebration of their show at PJs tomorrow

NOTE: Jarrett Koral runs Jett Plastic Recordings, and is one of our favorite local writers. He had a column here...
Metro Times  |  06-09-2017  |  Blogs

Clearing Up Myths About the Stimulus Package

Obama critics advocate the same policies that created this disaster.
Shepherd Express  |  Louis Fortis and Lisa Kaiser  |  02-06-2009  |  Commentary

Ex-Philly "Hero cop" DeCoatsworth: One Man's Descent or System Failure?

Despite DeCoatsworth’s history of violence, the story is playing out in the media, locally and nationally, as a hero cop’s shocking fall from grace.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Tara Murtha  |  05-22-2013  |  Commentary

Feathers: Hair Cool or Hair Cruel?

Much to the roosters’ dismay, this feathery trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.
Eugene Weekly  |  Staff  |  07-07-2011  |  Fashion