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Theater Review: Honest Pint Theatre's Uncut Hamlet Is Worth Its Daunting Girth

Hamlet★★★★ Through July 31 Leggett Theatre, William Peace University Something was rotten—or clearly amiss, at least—as I topped the second-floor...
INDY Week  |  07-29-2016  |  Artery

Live: Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa Puff Puff Pass in Raleigh

Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa Coastal Credit Union Music Park at Walnut Creek, Raleigh Tuesday, July 26, 2016 “How many of...
INDY Week  |  07-29-2016  |  Scan

Movie Review: Like Bond, Matt Damon's Jason Bourne Is Less a Character Than a Genre

Jason Bourne★★★ Now playing Poor Jason Bourne—that guy just can’t catch a break. As an amnesiac super-spy, he's forever being...
INDY Week  |  07-29-2016  |  Artery

North Carolina Voter ID Law Is Discriminatory, Federal Appeals Court Rules, Striking It Down

A major victory for voting rights in North Carolina today: A federal appeals court in Richmond has struck down the...
INDY Week  |  07-29-2016  |  Triangulator

A Slow, Svelte Burn: Maxwell Discusses His New BlackSUMMERS'night and More

For many R&B artists, a seven-year gap in between albums can be a death sentence. But then there are measured...
INDY Week  |  07-28-2016  |  Scan

Art Review: Truth to Power, Pleiades Gallery's Annual Social Justice Show, Aptly Starts With a Cry of Pain

Truth to Power 4Through Sunday, Aug. 7 Pleiades Gallery, Durham Before you even enter downtown Durham’s Pleiades Gallery, you’re met...
INDY Week  |  07-28-2016  |  Artery

The Morning Roundup: HB 2 Gets Dissed in Philly, Raleigh

Good morning, everyone! Happy Thursday.…...
INDY Week  |  07-28-2016  |  Triangulator

NCGOP Makes Big Mistake in Calling Out Tim Kaine

Ben Amey is a reporter in Albany, New York. NCGOP is the official Twitter account of the North Carolina Republican...
INDY Week  |  07-27-2016  |  Triangulator

Roman Vampire Lords, Telepathic Trees, and Smartphone Witch-Hunting Apps at Quail Ridge Books

Tony Daniel: The Dragon Hammer Thursday, July 28, 7 p.m. Thomas Olde Heuvelt: Hex Monday, August 1, 7 p.m. Quail...
INDY Week  |  07-27-2016  |  Artery

North Carolina Democrats Bring Out the Heavy Hitters For Kaine

Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine is set to give the biggest speech of his life tonight at the Democratic...
INDY Week  |  07-27-2016  |  Triangulator

The Morning Roundup: More History Being Made

Good morning. Just sitting here enjoying a bowl of Kroger® bran flakes and catching up on the news of yesterday.…...
INDY Week  |  07-27-2016  |  Triangulator

Chef James Clark Leaves Crossroads, Kickstarts Campaign to Open Postal Fish Company Next Year

Customers in the elegant dining room of Crossroads at The Carolina Inn may not have noticed anything out of the...
INDY Week  |  07-26-2016  |  Big Bite

Someone at the DNC Called Our Coward Governor a "Moronic Little Bigot," Get the Tissues

WSOC in Charlotte has a story out today with a North Carolina spin on the Democratic National Committee's embarrassing email...
INDY Week  |  07-26-2016  |  Triangulator

Rejoice, Raleigh: Harris Teeter to Open in Seaboard Station

Downtown Raleigh dwellers' decade-long wait for a grocery store to open in their general proximity can celebrate today. The Triangle...
INDY Week  |  07-26-2016  |  Triangulator

Is the Durham GOP’s New Headquarters Violating Zoning Laws?

About six weeks ago, Trace Ramsey noticed new neighbors moving their belongings into 215 North Briggs Avenue, the long-vacant house...
INDY Week  |  07-25-2016  |  Triangulator

Downtown Cary Rising: La Farm Plans Expanded Bakery in Town Center

Cary's beloved La Farm Bakery is set to open an expanded space in the downtown center, allowing much-needed room for...
INDY Week  |  07-25-2016  |  Big Bite

The Morning Roundup: Stumbling Into Philadelphia

Good morning, hope you stayed cool over the weekend. 1. The DNC starts.  First off, Hillary Clinton picked her VP...
INDY Week  |  07-25-2016  |  Triangulator

Dan Forest Says We "Misunderstand" HB 2

Yesterday, we asked Lt. Governor Dan Forest for a response to the NBA pulling the All-Star Game out of Charlotte,...
INDY Week  |  07-22-2016  |  Triangulator

Pat McCrory Has Lost It

The NBA moved the NBA All Star game out of Charlotte yesterday, and Republicans sure are pissed about it. The...
INDY Week  |  07-22-2016  |  Triangulator

The Morning Roundup: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

1. The Speech If you missed Trump’s RNC acceptance speech last night, you can find the text of the speech...
INDY Week  |  07-22-2016  |  Triangulator

Charlotte Is Losing the All-Star Game

We sort of knew this was coming when the legislature's plans to "fix" HB 2 fell apart at the end...
INDY Week  |  07-21-2016  |  Triangulator

Worst Governor in America Says North Carolina Must Rally Behind McCrory

All these horrible ideas the Republicans in charge of North Carolina have tried to push through these last four years?...
INDY Week  |  07-21-2016  |  Triangulator

Movie Review: An Indie Short With a Clever Premise Becomes a Surprisingly Effective Horror Film in Lights Out

Lights Out ★★★ ½ Opening Friday, July 22, 2016 The story behind Lights Out, the surprisingly effective first feature film...
INDY Week  |  07-21-2016  |  Artery

The Morning Roundup: Vote Your Conscience

Good morning, everyone!  Like a high-speed vehicular wreck that you don't really want to witness, but from which you somehow...
INDY Week  |  07-21-2016  |  Triangulator

Mike Krzyzewski Weighs in on HB 2

Last week, the Duke men's basketball team released its schedule for the upcoming season. The Blue Devils were supposed to...
INDY Week  |  07-20-2016  |  Triangulator

Movie Review: New Zealand Hit Hunt for the Wilderpeople Brings Genuine Emotion to Ridiculous Circumstances

Hunt for the Wilderpeople ★★★★ Now playing The focus of this film from New Zealand, which is set in the...
INDY Week  |  07-20-2016  |  Artery

The Morning Roundup: Make It Stop

Another day has dawned, and there is news to be consumed.  1. Donald Trump is officially the Republican nominee for...
INDY Week  |  07-20-2016  |  Triangulator

Wildin Acosta Case Reopened by Board of Immigration Appeals

The twisting saga of Durham teenager Wildin Acosta took another turn today.  Acosta, a Riverside High School student arrested by...
INDY Week  |  07-19-2016  |  Triangulator

Welcome to the INDY's Raleigh City Council Live Blog

Happy Tuesday, everyone. The agenda's looking pretty light today, but if you're wondering what's been up with Union Station recently—there's...
INDY Week  |  07-19-2016  |  Triangulator

The Morning Roundup: What Have We Done?

Good morning. Burn it all.  1.…...
INDY Week  |  07-19-2016  |  Triangulator

KKK Drops Flyers In Raleigh Neighborhood As Part of Seemingly Coordinated National Campaign

Warning: some of the links in this post redirect to stories with images of racist material.  According to the Southern...
INDY Week  |  07-18-2016  |  Triangulator

The Morning Roundup: As the Nation Mourns Again, the Republican Party Proceeds With Nationally Televised Suicide

Sigh. It bears repeating — again, and again, and again: Congress should have done something long ago about limiting access...
INDY Week  |  07-18-2016  |  Triangulator

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Nearly eight months have passed since controversial officer-involved killing.
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