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Pardoned 'Crack King' Darryl Reed Says He Wants To Unite Oakland Neighborhoods

The last time Darryl Reed threw a party in the Bay Area, it was 1988. Too $hort and MC Hammer...
East Bay Express  |  03-30-2017  |  Ear Bud

What to Do When ICE Raids Your Restaurant

How progressive-minded East Bay dining establishments hope to protect their workers in the face of Trump’s deportation threats. The raids...
East Bay Express  |  03-29-2017  |  Ear Bud

Eating Chinatown: A Walkable Guide to Oakland's Most Delicious Neighborhood

Twelve pro tips. The thing about Oakland Chinatown is that it doesn’t really have a “best” restaurant or a 99...
East Bay Express  |  03-29-2017  |  Ear Bud

Dan Savage: What Happens When He Lies About His HIV Status

Gay guy here. Met a guy online.…...
East Bay Express  |  03-29-2017  |  Ear Bud

Eating the Muslim Ban in the East Bay (and Beyond)

Three spots to support. President Trump’s most recent executive order on immigration attempted to ban travelers from six majority-Muslim countries...
East Bay Express  |  03-29-2017  |  Ear Bud

State Sen. Nancy Skinner: Latest Fatal Oakland Fire Was 'Preventable'

State Sen. Nancy Skinner called the most recent fatal Oakland fire "tragic and preventable," in a statement issued today. Skinner said...
East Bay Express  |  03-29-2017  |  Ear Bud

Mexican Bartenders in the East Bay Reclaim Tequila

They're the ones doing the most interesting things with Mexico’s most famous spirit. These days, the East Bay’s Mexican food...
East Bay Express  |  03-29-2017  |  Ear Bud

The Anti-Sheep Mentality of Alameda's Mama Papa Lithuania

The only Lithuanian restaurant in the West fits in nicely. The very existence of Mama Papa Lithuania is unlikely. There...
East Bay Express  |  03-29-2017  |  Ear Bud

General Electric Plans To Demolish East Oakland Factory. But Residents Want More Than A Polluted, Vacant Lot

'We honestly hope something is done after demolition so it’s not just sitting there.' There’s not much to the old...
East Bay Express  |  03-29-2017  |  Ear Bud

For Here or To Go?: The Big Bungle Theory

Immigrant sitcom is neither funny nor serious enough. Ali Fazal (right) and Amitosh Nagpal cruise the valley in For Here...
East Bay Express  |  03-29-2017  |  Ear Bud

AB InBev’s Corporate Craft Brand Isn’t Coming to Oakland To Make Beer Buddies. It’s Coming To Dominate.

Anheuser Busch InBev is the world’s largest beer corporation, owner of Budweiser, Corona, Stella Artois ... you name it. In...
East Bay Express  |  03-29-2017  |  Ear Bud

The Curious History of the Eritrean and Ethiopian Veggie Combo

Fasting foods, 'chickpea fish,' and East Bay restaurants that are going beyond misir and hamli. To the delight of vegans...
East Bay Express  |  03-29-2017  |  Ear Bud

Don’t Call It a Goodbye

After five years reviewing restaurants for the Express, I’m hanging up my critic’s hat — at least for now. When...
East Bay Express  |  03-29-2017  |  Ear Bud

The East Bay’s Lao Restaurant Community Embraces Its ‘Lao-ness’

After two decades under the radar, Lao eateries are coming into their own — and celebrating their fish-sauce funk. It...
East Bay Express  |  03-29-2017  |  Ear Bud

In Praise of Oakland’s Koreana Plaza

The Telegraph Avenue market is where this Korean American from SoCal goes when he wants a taste of home. This...
East Bay Express  |  03-29-2017  |  Ear Bud

Leavening the Resistance: Reem's Brings Traditional Arab Bakery to Oakland's Fruitvale

'Food is very part and parcel to people-building movements.' On a recent Thursday afternoon, Reem Assil stood in front of...
East Bay Express  |  03-29-2017  |  Ear Bud

Go See Shotgun Players' Nora

Post-election, the mantra for 2017 is fast becoming “take action.” Shotgun Players untangles the intentions behind what it means to...
East Bay Express  |  03-29-2017  |  Ear Bud

Interactive Olive Oil Tasting & Workshop at Port Kitchens

Your friends might be driving up to Napa for a weekend of wine tasting and three-hour-long Michelin-starred dinners. But if...
East Bay Express  |  03-29-2017  |  Ear Bud

Pink Boots Society Beer Release at The Rare Barrel

If you care about gender equity and beer — and you should — then you definitely must represent for the...
East Bay Express  |  03-29-2017  |  Ear Bud

Ubuntu Theater Project Presents To The Bone

Some say undocumented immigrants in the United States do labor that most American citizens won’t. But such sacrifice comes with...
East Bay Express  |  03-29-2017  |  Ear Bud

Generations Party at Somar Bar

What is a Generations Party? DJ Franchise, its organizer, says it is simple: “get four DJs, each takes a decade,...
East Bay Express  |  03-29-2017  |  Ear Bud

Fieldwork Brewing Anniversary at UC Theatre

When you’re on top of the local beer game, you don’t just celebrate with a few special brews at your...
East Bay Express  |  03-29-2017  |  Ear Bud

Pendarvis Harshaw's OG Told Me at Oaklandish

You can hardly get more East Bay than Pendarvis Harshaw. The Oakland native and UC Berkeley graduate (and occasional Express...
East Bay Express  |  03-29-2017  |  Ear Bud

House/Full of Blackwomen Present Black Women Dreaming — A Ritual Rest In Oakland

It’s documented that Harriet Tubman suffered from narcolepsy due to a head injury she sustained as a slave. During her...
East Bay Express  |  03-29-2017  |  Ear Bud

Letters of the Week: Skepticism of a Public Bank in Oakland

“Will Oakland Become First U.S. City To Ditch Wall Street And Establish A Public Bank?” by Gabrielle Canon, News, March...
East Bay Express  |  03-28-2017  |  Ear Bud

Nyum Bai Wants to Expand Your Vocabulary of Asian Noodle Soups

Cambodian street food in a mall food court in Emeryville. At this point, we shouldn’t be surprised when great food...
East Bay Express  |  03-28-2017  |  Ear Bud

Uber White Male

Ride hailing giant Uber released information regarding its employee demographics today, and the data shows what many have suspected: Uber's...
East Bay Express  |  03-28-2017  |  92510

Oakland Mayor Literally Raises A's Flag Over City Hall An Hour After Raiders-To-Vegas Vote

Literally an hour after NFL owners voted to allow the Raiders to relocate to Las Vegas, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf...
East Bay Express  |  03-27-2017  |  92510

Landlord Of West Oakland Building Destroyed By Fire Was Working To Evict Tenants

Tenants of the San Pablo Avenue apartment building destroyed by a fire early this morning were resisting a controversial eviction,...
East Bay Express  |  03-27-2017  |  92510

Traditional Multicultural Dishes (That Just so Happen to Be Vegan) Here in the East Bay

Taqueria La Venganza, Saha in Berkeley, and Juhu Beach Club in Oakland are exciting destinations for vegans that want to...
East Bay Express  |  03-27-2017  |  Ear Bud

Fire Destroys West Oakland Apartment Building. Multiple Rescues Reported.

A 4-alarm fire destroyed an apartment building at 2551 San Pablo Avenue in West Oakland early this morning. According to...
East Bay Express  |  03-27-2017  |  92510

Corporate Beer Overlords AB InBev To Open Golden Road 'Craft' Beer Garden in North Oakland

AB InBev, the world's largest macro beer corporation — owner of such brands as Budweiser, Corona, Stella Artois ... you...
East Bay Express  |  03-24-2017  |  Ear Bud

Darwin BondGraham, Ali Winston Receive Society of Professional Journalists Award For Oakland Police Reporting

This evening, the Society of Professional Journalists — Northern California chapter will honor Darwin BondGraham and Ali Winston with this...
East Bay Express  |  03-22-2017  |  92510

Richmond Sues President Trump Over Threat To Cut Off Funds To Sanctuary Cities

The city of Richmond is taking President Trump to court. This afternoon, officials announced that the city filed a lawsuit...
East Bay Express  |  03-22-2017  |  92510

Sun Kil Moon At Palace Of Fine Arts This Saturday Is A Reason To Cross The Bay

Every once in a while, we recommend a gig worth checking out in the city. And this Saturday's Sun Kil...
East Bay Express  |  03-22-2017  |  Ear Bud

Terrence Malick's Song to Song, aka Blah Blah Land

How can you make a movie with Ryan Gosling, Rooney Mara, Natalie Portman, Michael Fassbender, and Cate Blanchett that turns...
East Bay Express  |  03-22-2017  |  Ear Bud

Savage Love: Questions From Readers in Toronto

I recently spoke at Curious Minds Weekend in Toronto at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema. Audience members submitted questions...
East Bay Express  |  03-22-2017  |  Ear Bud

Middle-Age Crazy with Wilson

Woody Harrelson and Laura Dern remind us of why we've always liked them. The grain of sand that produces a...
East Bay Express  |  03-22-2017  |  Ear Bud

Letters of the Week: March 14 Issue

“Skate Or DIY: Why Is It So Damn Hard To Build A Skate Park In Oakland?” by Brian Krans, Feature...
East Bay Express  |  03-21-2017  |  Ear Bud

UC Berkeley Students Inspire Legislation That Would Make California Colleges Provide Abortion Pill On Campus

UC Berkeley and other California colleges would be required to make abortion pills available on campus, if a bill inspired...
East Bay Express  |  03-21-2017  |  92510

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Convict Has Little Chance in Hell of Cheating Hangman

There was plenty of motive indicating Jimmie Ray Slaughter killed Melody Wuertz and her baby, Jessica. Now important evidence is in question as he faces a date with death.
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