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Shockingly True Tales From the World of Pinball Fanaticism

Most people don't know this, but pinball used to be illegal. From the early 1940s until the mid-1970s, the game was banned almost everywhere in this country; South Carolina law still forbids anyone under 18 from playing it.
Charleston City Paper  |  Jon Santiago  |  11-18-2014  |  Features

Bloody Sandals: “300” Sequel Only Works When Eva Green is Onscreen

“300: Rise of an Empire,” of the sword-and-sandal hybrid war franchise based on Frank Miller’s (“Sin City”) graphic novel, fumbles through this superfluous sequel to “300” (2006).
Cityview  |  Cole Smithey  |  03-04-2014  |  Movies

Stoner Rock's Best Kept Secret

Sweden's Truckfighters have more in common with the Melvins than ABBA.
Tucson Weekly  |  Casey Dewey  |  09-03-2013  |  Profiles & Interviews