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AltWeekly Awards

2008 Cartoon

1st Place: Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
2nd Place: Los Angelopolis by Max Kornell
3rd Place: "Slowpoke" by Jen Sorensen
Honorable Mention: "Mr. Fish" by Dwayne Booth

2008 Cover Design Above 55,000

1st Place: Future Games, Just Say No and Wheelchairs of Fortune by Darrick Rainey , SF Weekly
2nd Place: Dark Horse, Best of Dallas and Delivering Death by Alexander Flores , Dallas Observer
3rd Place: Dead on the Vine (Unregulated Produce), Prison Overcrowding and DEA Suicide (Men's Bathroom) by Matt Ansoorian and Jordan Crane , Los Angeles CityBeat

2008 Cover Design Below 55,000

1st Place: Throw Me Something, Senator!, Getting Hitched and Newsmaker of the Year by Kevin Pontiff , IND Media
2nd Place: Hosed, Oh the Horror and Hot, Hot, Hot! by Angela Moore , Santa Fe Reporter
3rd Place: Music Issue, What, Me Worry? and Sultan of Spin by Ron Jasin and Britany Baker , LEO Weekly

2008 Editorial Layout Above 55,000

1st Place: Truth in Prints by Reseca Glasser , Philadelphia City Paper
2nd Place: Sects Appeal by Pete Morelewicz , Washington City Paper
3rd Place: Top 10 Drug Corners by Sara Green , Philadelphia Weekly

2008 Editorial Layout Below 55,000

1st Place: For Your Eyes Only by Larry Kohr , Santa Fe Reporter
2nd Place: A Straight Guide to Pride by Staff , Dig Boston
3rd Place: Eco Chic by Mark Jeffries , Style Weekly

2008 Illustration Above 55,000

1st Place: The Suitcase Murders by Brian Stauffer , Miami New Times
2nd Place: The New Anxiety by Edward Kinsella III , Philadelphia Weekly
3rd Place: Guarimba by Brian Stauffer , Miami New Times

2008 Illustration Below 55,000

1st Place: This Sucks by Ken Garduno , Folio Weekly