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AltWeekly Awards

2005 Cartoon Five or fewer papers

1st Place: Slowpoke by Jen Sorensen
2nd Place: BEK by Bruce Eric Kaplan
3rd Place: Hoagie Dip by Jay Bevenour
Honorable Mention: Lance Boyle by Kirk Anderson
Honorable Mention: Topics by Harley Schwadron

2005 Cartoon More than five papers

1st Place: The City by John Backderf
2nd Place: Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
3rd Place: Sutton Impact by Ward Sutton
Honorable Mention: No Exit by Andy Singer

2005 Cover Design Above 50,000

1st Place: Becoming Ungay (PDF) by Chris Street and Shannon Cornman , Oklahoma Gazette
2nd Place: The Art Is in the Mail (PDF) by Dora Sison , Gambit
Honorable Mention: Eat Me by Karen Steichen and Rick Dahms , Seattle Weekly

2005 Cover Design Below 50,000

1st Place: Nader Wins! (PDF) by J. J. Marley, Brook Pifer and Glenn Ferguson , Orlando Weekly
2nd Place: The Parking Issue (PDF) by Kris Adams, Alfred Hall, Nancy Santos and Jason Zwiker , Charleston City Paper
3rd Place: No Soldier Left Behind (PDF) by Angela Moore , Santa Fe Reporter
Honorable Mention: Biotech Gold Rush (PDF) by Beth Allen, Rory McNamara, Ben Fishman and Gordon Studer , Pacific Sun

2005 Editorial Layout Above 50,000

1st Place (tie): Coffin Classics (PDF) by Michael Shavalier , Miami New Times
1st Place (tie): Kids Rock (PDF) by Ryan Ward, Cole Gerst and John Curry , L.A. Weekly
2nd Place: Psyched Out by Karen Steichen, Jay Vidheecharoen and Tra Selhtrow , Seattle Weekly