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AltWeekly Awards

2005 Cartoon Five or fewer papers

Honorable Mention: Lance Boyle by Kirk Anderson
Honorable Mention: Topics by Harley Schwadron

2005 Cartoon More than five papers

1st Place: The City by John Backderf
2nd Place: Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
3rd Place: Sutton Impact by Ward Sutton
Honorable Mention: No Exit by Andy Singer

2005 Column Above 50,000

1st Place: Courtside by Steve Bogira , Chicago Reader
2nd Place: Sentences by Anonymous , Pittsburgh City Paper
3rd Place: KC Strip by Tony Ortega , The Pitch
Honorable Mention: Downing by Margaret Downing , Houston Press

2005 Column Below 50,000

1st Place: The XX Files by Jennifer Loviglio , City Newspaper
2nd Place: Citizen's Journal (PDF) by Mark Kelly , Birmingham Weekly
3rd Place: by Melinda Ruley , INDY Week
Honorable Mention: Danehy by Tom Danehy , Tucson Weekly

2005 Column-Political Above 50,000

1st Place (tie): The Works by Ben Joravsky , Chicago Reader
1st Place (tie): Freedom Watch by Harvey A. Silverglate , Boston Phoenix
2nd Place: by Matt Smith , SF Weekly
Honorable Mention: Calhoun (PDF) by Patricia Calhoun , Westword

2005 Column-Political Below 50,000

1st Place: Andrew Wheat by Andrew Wheat , The Texas Observer