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AltWeekly Awards

1998 Media Reporting/Criticism Above 54,000

1st Place: To Lie For by David Smilgelski , Willamette Week
2nd Place (tie): And Now a Word from Our Sponsor by Eileen Murphy , Baltimore City Paper
2nd Place (tie): Money Talks by Dave Wielenga , New Times Los Angeles

1998 Media Reporting/Criticism Below 54,000

1st Place (tie): Can the New York Times Trust This Guy? by Willy Stern , Nashville Scene
1st Place (tie): News You Can Use? by Jesse Mayshark , Metro Pulse

1998 Music Criticism Above 54,000

1st Place: The Fast Man Stopped by Greg Burk , L.A. Weekly
2nd Place: That Time Again by Monica Kendrick , Chicago Reader

1998 Music Criticism Below 54,000

1st Place: Sacred Steel by Dan Bindert , City Newspaper

1998 Photography Above 54,000

1st Place: Birth Hospital No. 1 by Anne Fishbein , L.A. Weekly
2nd Place: Acts of Faith by Noel Neuburger , Sacramento News & Review

1998 Photography Below 54,000

1st Place: Life in the Abstract by Elizabeth Rappaport , Gambit

1998 Political Column Above 54,000

1st Place: by Nat Hentoff , The Village Voice

1998 Political Column Below 54,000

1st Place: by Hal Crowther , INDY Week
2nd Place: by Steve Glorioso , Kansas City New Times
3rd Place: , Gambit

1998 Political Reporting Above 54,000

1st Place: The Godfather of South Central by Marc Cooper , New Times Los Angeles

1998 Political Reporting Below 54,000

1st Place: The Chair and the Bench by Jesse Mayshark , Metro Pulse
Honorable Mention: Money Talking by Edward Ericson, Jr. , Orlando Weekly

1998 Social Reporting Above 54,000

1st Place: Criminal Justice by Steve Bogira , Chicago Reader
2nd Place: Collateral Damage by Chris Thompson , East Bay Express