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AltWeekly Awards

2010 Innovation Below 50,000

3rd Place: Artist in Residence by Wendi Kimura, David Vega, Cruz Ortiz and Kelly O'Connor , San Antonio Current

2010 Music Criticism Below 50,000

3rd Place: El Moz, Die Reggaeton Die, and The Incredible Shrinking Grammy by Enrique Lopetegui , San Antonio Current

2009 Public Service Below 50,000

2nd Place: Hot Wired, The Series by Greg Harman , San Antonio Current

2007 Cover Design Below 55,000

1st Place: "The Race Issue," "Be Your Own Luchador," "Welcome to the New Drug War" by Chuck Kerr , San Antonio Current

2006 Arts Feature Below 50,000

3rd Place: Lush Be a Lady by Gillian Fassel , San Antonio Current

2005 Media Reporting/Criticism Below 50,000

1st Place: Owning the Airwaves and Media Monopoly series by Lisa Sorg, Elaine Wolff, Gilbert Garcia, Michael Cary, David Martin and Abraham Mahshie , San Antonio Current

2004 Cover Design Below 50,000

1st Place: by Julie Barnett , San Antonio Current

2004 Food Writing Below 50,000

2nd Place: by Ron Bechtol , San Antonio Current

2002 Column Below 54,000

2nd Place: by Retha Oliver , San Antonio Current

2001 Cover Design Below 54,000

2nd Place: by Linda Shankweiler , San Antonio Current

2000 Arts Feature Below 54,000

1st Place: Can Sandra Survive San Antonio? Can San Antonio Survive Her? by Debbie Nathan , San Antonio Current

2000 Illustration Below 54,000

1st Place: Mother vs. Murder by Sophia Naess , San Antonio Current

2000 Investigative Reporting Below 54,000

Honorable Mention: Mother vs. Murder by Debbie Nathan , San Antonio Current