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AltWeekly Awards

2010 Arts Criticism Above 50,000

3rd Place: The Beast in Me, Vandal-in-Chief and Fabulous Fakes by Greg Cook , Boston Phoenix

2010 Cartoon

1st Place: Failure by Karl Stevens , Boston Phoenix
3rd Place: Idiot Box by Matt Bors , Boston Phoenix

2010 Individual Blog Above 50,000

2nd Place: Talking Politics by David S. Bernstein , Boston Phoenix

2010 Investigative Reporting Above 50,000

3rd Place (tie): Soldiers Committing Suicide and Stress Test by Jason Notte , Boston Phoenix

2010 Media Reporting/Criticism Above 50,000

3rd Place: Don't Quote Me by Adam Reilly , Boston Phoenix

2010 Multimedia Above 50,000

1st Place: Independents Day by Daniel Brockman, Mike Brodeur, Lance Gould, Matt Parish and Ryan Stewart , Boston Phoenix

2010 News Story-Long Form Above 50,000

2nd Place: Sarah Palin, Inc. by David S. Bernstein , Boston Phoenix

2010 News Story-Short Form Above 50,000

2nd Place: Local Activists Crusade to Cut Circumcisions, Hacking Pact, and Tapped Out by Chris Faraone , Boston Phoenix

2009 Music Criticism Above 50,000

2nd Place: Newport, Nights Out and Fourth Quarter CDs by Jon Garelick , Boston Phoenix

2008 Web Site Above 55,000

1st Place: The Phoenix by Boston Phoenix Staff , Boston Phoenix

2007 Arts Criticism Above 55,000

2nd Place: "Good Vibrations?" "Strong, Silent Type," "Shifting Shakespeare" , Boston Phoenix

2007 Blog Above 55,000

3rd Place: On the Download by Carly Carioli and Boston Phoenix Staff , Boston Phoenix

2007 Editorial Layout Above 55,000

Honorable Mention: "Big Drinkers" by Kristen Goodfriend , Boston Phoenix

2007 Photography Above 55,000

Honorable Mention: "Horror Couple With Spooky the Hairless Cat" by Tanit Sakakini , Boston Phoenix