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AltWeekly Awards

2nd Place: Piece of Mind by Natalie O'Neill , Miami New Times
3rd Place: Saving Juju by Erin Carlyle , City Pages (Twin Cities)

2010 Health Reporting Below 50,000

1st Place: Power Broker by Matthew Frank , Missoula Independent
2nd Place: Misdiagnosed by Nicholas Deshais , The Inlander
3rd Place: Still Screwed by Anthony Lane , Colorado Springs Independent

2002 Health Reporting Above 54,000

1st Place: Losing Dorothy by Sara Catania , L.A. Weekly
2nd Place: The New Drug War by Patty Wentz , Willamette Week
3rd Place: Dealing Drugs the Legal Way by Mara Shalhoup , Creative Loafing (Atlanta)

2002 Health Reporting Below 54,000

1st Place: Slice of Life by Michael Tisserand , Gambit
2nd Place: Loss of Life by Kelly Davis , Ventura County Reporter
3rd Place: Frozen Out by Barbara Solow , INDY Week