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AltWeekly Awards

2005 Media Reporting/Criticism Above 50,000

1st Place: At the Ripping Point by Eric Celeste , Dallas Observer
2nd Place: A Tale of Two Papers by Dan Kennedy , Boston Phoenix
3rd Place: Gary Webb, R.I.P. by Marc Cooper , L.A. Weekly
Honorable Mention: Credibility Gap by Christopher Twarowski , Long Island Press

2005 Media Reporting/Criticism Below 50,000

1st Place: Owning the Airwaves and Media Monopoly series by Lisa Sorg, Elaine Wolff, Gilbert Garcia, Michael Cary, David Martin and Abraham Mahshie , San Antonio Current
2nd Place: Deconstructing Al by Brenda Bell , The Texas Observer
Honorable Mention: A Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy and The Monitor by Fiona Morgan , INDY Week