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AltWeekly Awards

2007 Cover Design Above 55,000

1st Place (tie): "The Man Who Thought He Knew Too Much," "I Am a Camera," "Pitchfork Conquers the World" by Nick Vlcek , City Pages (Twin Cities)
1st Place (tie): "One Swill Game," "Brave New Town," "St. Louie Chop Suey" by Tom Carlson , Riverfront Times
2nd Place: "Bad Seed Awards," "Foie Wars," "These Could Be Yours" by Michael Shavalier , Miami New Times
3rd Place: "Screw Fatso," "Kick Me," "The Sexy Food Issue" by Sara Green , Philadelphia Weekly

2007 Cover Design Below 55,000

1st Place: "The Race Issue," "Be Your Own Luchador," "Welcome to the New Drug War" by Chuck Kerr , San Antonio Current
2nd Place: "Happiness is a Concealed Gun," "Murder in the City Beautiful," "Conventional Love" by Shan Stumpf , Orlando Weekly
3rd Place (tie): "Crosstook," "The Watchers," "Vote" by Oklahoma Gazette cover crew , Oklahoma Gazette
3rd Place (tie): "The Immigration Issue," "Overrated," "Guber-Land" by Matt Omohundro , The Texas Observer